Everyone would like to have a happy and healthy relationship, to love and to be loved. But, how to have a happy and healthy relationship? How to maintain the same passion over the years just like in the beginning of your relationship? The one and only answer is to daily work on your relationship. Yes, you need to work on it during your life together, not just at the beginning of the relationship. If you want to have a healthy relationship, you need to daily build a healthy relationship.

12 ways to bring back passion to your reltionship

A relationship becomes a habit with time. Both of you live more or less the same routine in your daily life together. With time, you get so used to each other that your habits become less and less romantic. This is where you and your partner need to create a room for some romance in your relationship.


The same way you created some bad habits, you need to replace them with those which are more appropriate and convenient for both of you. Start with some simple implementations. For example, if you have breakfast together, try to have it in a more romantic way, with a couple of candles and light romantic music. I suggest having a different kind of music every day. One day, you can play some Italian music and have some Italian style breakfast. Next time, have some romantic French music with some French style breakfast. Be creative every time and surprise your partner with a different kind of breakfast and different music every time. This little thing can make a big difference and it can start some positive changes in the relationship.

Remember, start slowly. During so many years, you had the same steady relationship, so sudden changes might be very surprising and might not be accepted positively by your partner. Your partner will be curious to know why you suddenly start behaving differently and in an unusual way.


The worst way is when your partner does not react and does not support your ideas and changes, this means they became natural in your relationship. But it wasn’t this way before at the beginning of your relationship, so during your life together, they just felt relaxed and believed that they can behave with you this way. I don’t want to say that you provoked it, but I want to say that you allowed for it to happen.


As soon as you feel that something is not ok in the relationship, just communicate with each other. Open communication is the first key to a healthy and successful relationship. Just remember, how much time did you use to talk with each other at the beginning of the relationship? You wanted to know everything, you shared your dreams, your priorities in life, your interests. Why are you doing less now? Are you busier? Or your priorities just changed because you got so used to your partner, and now you just prefer to spend time on something else?


These 12 suggestions will help you get closer to each other again. You can try all of them or just the most appropriate for your relationship in your particular case.

1. Bring back good memories together.

Talk with your partner about your first date, your first trip together, remember some interesting and happy moments you had together. This technique will help you bring back the same feelings and emotions you had before when you were at the top of your happiness together.


2. Share your thoughts about what you love the most in each other.

Say those things which make you happier and make you fall in love more with your partner. It can be anything. How you wake up together and have a morning cuddle, or when you watch some movie in the evening and your partner hugs you and brings you some food or drink when you ask. Anything that makes you happier with your partner. They should know about those simple things which make you happier.


3. Add some different activities to your relationships.

With time, you become so used to each other, and your routine makes you know what you will be doing in evening or on the weekend. Try to add something different to your routine life. Think about some activities which both of you would enjoy and which you haven’t done before. It can be anything: some dance classes, some excursion, some dinner at some new exotic restaurant and so on. Doing something exciting and different together will add some freshness to the relationship and will get you closer to each other again.

4. Organize a date night with your partner.

It is ok, it is fun, it is interesting. Take your partner on a date, just as if you don’t know each other and you would like to go out together on your first date. Plan all the details for your date night and take it seriously. Pretend that this is really your first date together. Dress up. During the date, try to talk with each other just about yourselves, not about your work, neighbors, friends or kids. Listen to each other.


5. Flirt with each other.

Who said that if you are together for a long time, you should stop flirting with each other? Do it, you can do it even more often than before. Sometimes partners complain that they are not close to each other as before, mainly and mostly from the sexual perspective. But they don’t do anything to maintain this sexual fire between each other. Wear something attractive, such as sexy underwear, especially when you are at home and you are going to sleep. You can wear the perfume that your partner loves the most before you go to bed. I think this is pretty simple and quite easy to do.


6. Try to look handsome/beautiful and attractive.

To be in cozy clothes or nice pajama is great and very comfortable, but make sure not to wear the same stuff every day. And believe me, very often it doesn’t look sexy at all. Nowadays, you can find plenty of beautiful home clothes which are comfortable, attractive, beautiful and sexy. Take care of yourself and your look, even when you stay at home all day long.

7. Be kind with each other, and give compliments to each other.

Hug each other, kiss each other, hold each other’s hand when you are walking together. Physical contact creates chemical reactions in our bodies, which makes us feel happier and closer to each other, and most importantly sexier in each other’s eyes. At the early stages of your relationship, you used to notice each and every simple and small detail in your partner, and you used to love it and enjoy it. Try to notice those small simple things which you love in your partner, and mention it to them as a compliment. Make their day better, bring some smile to their face. Make a compliment about anything you enjoy in your partner: their humor, their perfume, their figure, their clothes and so on.


8. Talk with each other frankly.

We were already talking about communication. Communication is very-very important in the relationship. Talk about your dreams, hopes, wishes, fears everything that is related to your relationship. It is so important, to be frank with each other, and to trust your partner. Ideally, your partner is your best friend with whom you talk about everything. Believe me, even after 50 years together, you will still have what to talk about.


9. Kiss each other spontaneously.

Kisses bring us closer. Kiss each other very often and spontaneously. It is statistically proven that men who receive kisses before they go to work live longer, and they are more successful and productive at work. Kiss your spouse as often as you can. Just do it.


10. Retain your own personality.

In relationships, it is so important to preserve your personality. Your partner fell in love with you – your personality. Work on your self-development and improvement every day. Find time for your friends, your hobbies, your interests. They are a part of you and your world. Your partner is a very important part of your life, but they shouldn’t be the whole world for you. 

11. Respect each other.

Always respect your partner. Mutual respect brings partners closer to each other. It is very important to show respect to your partner in front of other people.


12. Take a shower together.

Taking a shower together always brings back romance to the couple. Surprise your partner with this idea and you will be so surprised by the results.


In this article, I shared with you my knowledge and thoughts. You can just leave everything as it is, or you can implement these suggestions and make your relationship healthier and happier, and bring back passion the way it was at the very beginning. If you choose the second option, then start working on your relationship right away. Hug your partner, kiss them spontaneously and say some compliment to them. Start a new chapter in your relationship. Be happy together. Love and be loved.


I would be so glad if you can share with me how you build and maintain your own relationship. Which tips do you use in your relationship? Please feel free to share with us your own experience in the comments below.

12 ways to bring back passion to your reltionship

PS: Thank you for taking your time to read this article. I hope you found it valuable and helpful. Please help me spread positivity and happiness by sharing this article with your friends and contacts. I am pretty sure some of them needs to read it at this period of their life. Thank you.


Wishing you to have happy and healthy relationship with your loved one!


12 ways to bring back passion to your relationship
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