Hi! It’s me…

Hello, friend and welcome to my website and my world! My name is Yulianna, and I’m so thrilled that you have stumbled over to my website!

Let me first introduce myself, and then talk a bit about this project. I live in Canada, originally from Europe, married to a super-husband who is also helping and supporting me with this project. I believe in God and I believe that He is taking care of us, but we alone choose what type of life we want to live. I adore traveling. I honestly can’t imagine my life without travels. So far, I visited over 30 countries in my life, all Continents except Australia, which I hope I’ll get the chance to visit soon.

Lecturing at the Library of Congress.
Washington, DC, USA

Here’s a brief on my life and career: after graduating from high school, I attended a university where I successfully received my Bachelor, followed by my Master’s degree in Business Economics. All my life, I enjoyed reading books. I read four/five books a month in average. I also enjoy doing researches, so it wasn’t a surprise that, after my graduation from university, my mentor who was one of my professors suggested me to continue my researches at the University as a Ph.D. student. I started working on my Ph.D. dissertation, and I got employed at the university in parallel. Time went by until I successfully defended my dissertation and got my Ph.D. title in Business Economics, and became a Professor at my University, as well as the Vice Dean of International relationships at my faculty. Nowadays, I have more than ten years professorship academic and leadership experience, and I’ve already attended so many scientific conferences and events around the globe.

Lecturing in Charles University. Prague, Czech republic

Considering my experience, interests, and expertise, I decided to create this project and share with you my knowledge and experience, which will help you to build and live a happy life. My main aim is to inspire you, motivate you, and teach you something new in a very friendly manner, not just by dry theory. I am sharing only checked and reviewed information, something that really works, something that keeps you motivated to achieve more, something that gives answers to some of the deepest questions, and much more.

It took me some time to find a good name for this project, which would reflect the main idea and content. I spent time thinking and analyzing until I came up with a name for this project: “ACADEMY OF HAPPY LIFE”. Why “Academy”? As I spent the last 16 years of my life in the Education field, more than 10 years of them lecturing in different well known European universities, I wanted the name of the project to be related to education, but I also wanted to separate it from classic academic methodology, so here we are.

Today, you can find all kind of different information on the internet. Each individual can find out a lot of information

International scientific conference.
Marrakesh, Morocco.

about what he’s interested to know.  I am very carefully choosing the information on this website. I hope it will work for you and you will enjoy our journey. What type of information can you find here? I would say you can find different types, mostly in psychology, philosophy, leadership, business, relationships, traveling, spirituality… Information that attracted me, my brain, my heart and my soul, and I pass it over to you mostly through articles, quotes, reviews, etc. I am carefully collecting material from different sources, such as lectures of well-known world professors, books, master-classes, articles and so on, in order to help you receive high-quality information from the best sources for the biggest benefit and success. I spend hours in reading and writing to gather and prepare the best material for you.

Now it all depends on you. Please feel free to search my website. If you like the information you find here, feel free to share it on social media, so that more people can benefit from it.

We will be organizing some interesting events in the future. If you’d like to stay posted, subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on social media so you can be informed about our upcoming events.

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