To all freelancers, professionals, tradesmen, experts and specialists:


If you are a freelancer, professional, tradesman, expert or specialist, and you would like to promote your services online, totally for free – I hear you and I have the best solution for you. Create a Professional Profile at profescan.comProfescan is an online directory for professionals who would like to spread the word about the services they offer. 

Best way to boost your online presence for free

Enhance your professional online presence for FREE.


Let your potential clients find you, and don’t spend a lot of money on expensive ads. 


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Promote your services online for FREE.


As you know, since the Pandemic began, many services have switched to online, and they started advertising online as well. As a result, the cost of Google ads and Facebook ads, as well as all other advertisement platforms, became much more expensive than before. Experts found that targeting a new potential customer with ads became about 3-4 times more expensive now in comparison to one year ago. 


Connect with more potential clients for free.


Don’t waste your money on online ads, create your professional profile on totally for FREE.

Enhance your online visibility.


One of the main advantages of Profebook is that you can specify on your professional profile which languages you know, so potential clients can also find you if they’re looking for a service provider who speaks a specific language (i.e. their mother tongue). Actually, this is so important to me. I currently live in Canada, and there are multicultural and multilingual communities all over the country here. People from different countries with different backgrounds and speaking different languages live on the same street and in the same neighborhood. I can’t hide that the majority of my friends, if not all of them, tend to search for professionals, tradesmen or service providers within their community, from the same background, and speaking the same mother tongue, hoping to be able to communicate more easily and freely. And a lot of times, it can be really hard to find a service provider who speaks your language. This is where Profebook comes handy.



Get free access to potential clients who speak your language.


On your professional profile, you can also upload and publish photos, so you’ll be creating your own professional photo library which will showcase your professional work. Upload the best photos you have, which showcase the best of your professional outcome, projects or achievements, and you’ll definitely get more potential clients contacting you


Profescan is the future universal directory for professionals.


If you have a YouTube channel, you can also include links to your best professional videos on your professional profile page. This will make your professional profile even more catchy


Showcase your professional work for free.


Profebook is a fast growing online directory for professionals. You can create, customize and publish a professional profile, and enjoy serving more and more new clients.

Let potential clients know that you can serve them in their language.


Professionals can use their Profescan professional profile page as their professional web page, instead of having their own website. To create a professionally designed website, you need to have a big budget to cover the web design associated cost, hosting fees, domain fees, as well as some other associated expenses. But at the end, the main problem will still not be solved. Having a website doesn’t guarantee more business and more clients – you will  still be struggling to get traffic to your website. With Profescan, this problem is solved – as people can simply find you and view your Professional Profile and contact you while searching the Profebook online directory. At the end, this is a Win-Win situation for you!


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Showcase your specialties, expertise, projects and achievements for free.


One last thing – to boost your professional profile, don’t forget to include all your contact info on your profile page. Also, add all your social media channels to your page (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Wikipedia). And don’t forget to write about yourself and introduce yourself thoroughly in the assigned section. This section is your elevator pitch, so use catchy words to attract clients. Not only will you have a captivating web page, you’ll also be findable on search engines.


Your contact details can be found on search engines


Hurry up to create and publish your professional profile on Profebook online platform, it’s totally for FREE, and it just takes a few minutes to create a profile. The process is very simple, easy and self-explanatory. Just visit and create your professional profile now and you will definitely reach and serve more clients in 2021!


Promote your profession, trade or service by creating a free customized professional profile web page


Best way to boost your online presence in 2021 for free
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