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A group of successful students who graduated from university many years ago came to visit their professor. During the visit, they were talking about their life and continuously complaining about their numerous daily challenges.

The professor went to the kitchen to prepare coffee. He came back with a tray full of different coffee cups. Some of them were plastic, some were glass cups, and some were porcelain. Some of the cups were quite simple and some others were very fancy.

When the students picked their cups, the professor said: “Did you all notice that all beautiful cups were taken, when the cheaper cups are still on the tray? It is normal that all of you would like to have the best, but this is the reason for your problems and stresses”.

“Look, a beautiful cup does not make the coffee tastier. You all wanted to have coffee, not the cup. However, you intentionally chose the most beautiful cups, then you were all looking at each other’s cups to see who took which cup”.

“Our life is like this coffee, and our work, friends, title, money are like these cups. These are just the instruments to support our life. Whichever cup we have does not change the quality of our coffee. Sometimes, when we concentrate so much on the cup, we forget to enjoy the taste of the coffee.

The happiest people are not those who have the best of everything, but those who use the best of that they have.

Friends, think about it. Which cup of coffee would you choose if you are the first to pick from the tray?

Coffee cups!
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