Short Stories with Moral


The #1 best selling book for all ages and all people.

In this book, you will read some interesting short stories with moral. Some people call them stories with wisdom, other people call them wise stories, and others call them parables. But the main key is to obtain some moral from each of the stories.

Each story is very special and gives a moral and wisdom that can be very useful for some situations that you can encounter in your daily life. In a very interesting way, you can learn how to act in a certain situation and what consequences it may bring. You can learn and enjoy at the same time. This is the secret of wisdom.

This book is perfect for all ages – children, teenagers, and adults – to learn the world’s wisdom. All stories are short so you can read a story easily and fast during a short break or before going to the bed.

The stories are short, but at the same time, they are very informative. They make you think and have your own opinion about a certain situation of the story. This is a unique collection of some popular stories with morals. I believe you will like it and you will share the stories with your friends.

We carefully choose the stories that apply in modern life. The topics in this book are important in our lives, such as friendship, moral, parenting, right decisions in life and much more. Everyone will find some story which is very useful during the current period of their life. You can also find answers to your questions when reading and relate to your life.

Short Wise Stories with Moral

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