A wise man was a very happy man all his life. Nobody ever saw him sad or unhappy.

When he became old and he was close to death, one of his students asked him: – We are so amazed of you Master. You are happy all the time, and we have never seen you sad. How could you do it?

The old man answered: – A long time ago, I was a young boy too and I asked my Master the same question. I was only 17 but I was feeling so unhappy. My Master was old, he was in his seventies. He was sitting under a tree, laughing and looking so happy, just for no specific reason.

He answered: – A long time ago, I was the same sad and unhappy person as you are now. But one day I realized that this is My choice and this is My life! And only I make this choice every day, every hour and every minute.

Since that time, every morning I ask myself: What will you choose today: sadness or happiness? And every time I choose Happiness.

Friends, remember, the choice depends on You!

Easy choice

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