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So many different things exist nowadays in this world. Especially that big changes happened with the society when the big “internet era” entered into our world. If to think, 20 years ago, there wasn’t Internet, Facebook didn’t exist, nor LinkedIn nor any other social networks. Nobody knew anything about mobile phones, especially smartphones or some other devices which we can’t imagine our lives without today. They are really very useful and helpful in our lives. We can find any information we need so easy and so fast, just at a fingertip. I remember that time when I needed to find some information for school and the best place where to find it was in books. We had a lot of books in our house, but of course not so many as in a library. So, it was really usual to find me at the library after the lessons or on the weekends preparing my homework. Luckily, today we have internet and so many technologies that can help us to find new knowledge wherever we are, any time we want and just in seconds (depending on how fast is your internet).

Sometimes I dream of how great it would be if we could be able to jump 20 years back in time with today’s knowledge and experience, and try to avoid some global mistakes, to change something in the past which can maybe influence on the life of all the country, or at least on mine and my family. Or to tell myself to take or not to take some decisions about what I was thinking in that time. It would be so great to have some kind of angel who can guide you in your life when you have doubts about something. But, in reality, we just need to count on ourselves, we need to find all the answers alone.

Our parents, relatives or friends quite often give us their own opinion about how you shall behave in some particular situation, or how it is the best for you to solve some problem, but they are not you. Of course, they love you and just want good for you, but they give their opinion based on their experience. And who said that they are right or their decision can be better for us? They don’t feel your worries, nor even sometimes your emotional struggle about some decision that you need to take. Never be influenced by somebody else when you are taking some decisions. Just listen to yourself, live your own life, don’t try to please somebody by doing what they suggest if it is against your own nature. Every time keep faith in yourself, in your power, in God.

You can call it intuition, or whispering of your guarding Angel, or whatever you want to call it, but your own voice knows the best solution for every particular situation every time. It can navigate you in life through the calmest and the safest roads. All you need to do is just to listen to yourself, your heart, and your soul, and your life will be yours, not your mother’s, father’s, best friend’s or somebody else’s life. All your decisions will be taken by you personally. It is very important in the life to take your decisions alone and be responsible for it. This is the only way to create your own personality, your own life.

This article will help you to find and listen your inner voice, to be happy with yourself as you are. Read more.


You are in your shoes and only you can know what you need at this time in your life. Nobody else can know and feel what it is to be you. I would like to tell you one story that comes to my mind every time when somebody wants to tell me what is the best for me or what I should do with my life:

Two women met in the city and started talking together. One woman said: “Oh, what a beautiful shoes you have! You should wear them more often”. The other woman answered: “Thank you so much, but it’s only me who knows and feels how painful it is to walk in these beautiful shoes”.

The same thing happens in our lives when people want to suggest or express what is better for us, but they don’t know and don’t feel how hard and painful for us is to be in these shoes.

In our project, we will help you to find your own shoes and feel comfortable in it.




Find yourself – Be yourself
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