One day, a guy was riding a taxi. Suddenly, a car pulled out of a parking space right in front of the taxi. The taxi driver slammed on the brake, skidded and almost hit the other car. The driver of the other car turned his head around and started shouting and cursing the taxi driver. The taxi driver smiled and continued driving without any bad reaction. Surprised of his nice attitude, the passenger asked the taxi driver: “How could you remain so calm? This guy almost racked your car. He could have hurt us. He even cursed you”. The taxi driver replied: “This is what I call – The garbage truck theory”.

Then he explained his theory that some people are like garbage trucks. They run around full of frustration and rage, full of garbage. As their garbage piles up, they need to dump it somewhere, and they might end up dumping it on you. Never take it personally, just smile and move on. Never take their garbage and spread it to other people.

The garbage truck theory!
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