I have been running my blog for almost 5 years. During the first 3 years, I was very active on my blog, and I was posting daily on my social media channels. Then I had about 2 years when I didn’t work much on my blog because of my pregnancy and my first year trying to adjust to my new role and duties as a mom. 

After overcoming that super busy period of my life, what a surprise it was to notice that I was still getting a lot of web traffic to my blog every day. After researching the source of my traffic, I found out that its majority came from Google. Wow! This was a very clear message that I should invest more time in researching and learning how to improve my SEO and even get more traffic from Google or other search engines.

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Did you know that, starting May 2021, Google is going to include Core Web Vitals in the factors it uses to determine a website’s ranking in search engines?

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You definitely want to have those parameters set properly to be able to rank high in Google. One of the easiest tools to use is the new Site Speed report from MonsterInsights, which can quickly scan your website/blog and find out how fast your website loads, and get insights about making it even faster.


Which additional information you can get from this tool, besides measuring how fast your website loads for your visitors? You will get your overall score for your site speed on mobile and desktop such as:


  • Server Response Time – how fast your server responses to your visitors’ request to open your web page or another page.
  • First Contentful Paint – shows you the time it takes to load visual elements like fonts and images on your website.
  • Time to Interactive – it’s the time your page first starts loading until when it’s no longer loading and is ready to respond to user interactions, like filling out a form.
  • Total Blocking Time – measures the time it takes until your visitors can see and interact with your website.
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MonsterInsights will provide you with tips on how to improve the loading time of your website, it can recommend some plugins to use, as well as some other tips. Not to mention their unique Year in Review report. You can check it from the 1st to the 14th of January and see in which month you had the majority of your web visitors, so it might help you in planning your content for the next year.

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In other words, it is highly important to have a fast loading website if you want to rank high in Google. Of course, we are all super busy, and learning how to use new different tools takes time, therefore it’s the best to have all needed information in one place. MonsterInsights will give you all the information about the loading time of your website/blog, and it will provide you with all recommendations you need to improve the loading speed of your website.


You can get MonsterInsights here and use all the features they offer.


If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments.

How to Boost your Site Speed and Improve your Google Ranking.

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