During the COVID-19 outbreak, when so many non-profit organizations lost their fundings or supporters, it would be good to have a reliable online tool that can help to create online donation forms for nonprofits in just a couple of minutes. 

Full tutorial on how to create an online donation form with WPForms.

After researching market offers and different options, I would like to recommend you a super powerful plugin WPForms This plugin can replace many different plugins in your dashboard. First of all, you don’t need to switch to a different theme every time you would like to change the design of your website or some page. you can simply edit any post or page with WPForms as desired. 

One of the newest and most popular features created by WPForms is a tool that helps create Donation Forms just in minutes. All the process steps are very easy and transparent. 

After installing WPForms plugin you go to this plugin and press “Add new” in this way you will be able to create a new form.

Please name your form and choose a section “Donation Form”

Then you will see this window:


Then you will be able to customize your form and add all necessary fields to it. Don’t forget to configure your form’s General settings, Notifications, Confirmations, Payment settings (WPForms integrates with both PayPal and Stripe for accepting payments) and the last step is to add your ready Donation Form to your website.

To be able to add your ready Donation form into the website, you need to create a new page or post, then click “Add New” form button, then select your donation form and press Add New as shown in the photo below.

Then publish your post or page and your form is ready to work and collect donations to your organization.

You can use it on any website which needs the ability to accept money online, and which is using a WordPress platform. 

Some of the key factors to be successful in accepting money online is to make this process easy, simple, and fast. Having an online donation form on your own website can fulfill all of those factors and increase the number of received donations.

You can easily create any forms using drag and drop tools easily without writing or creating any code or using some templates prebuilt for you. They have a really clear and easy tutorial on how to install it on your website. Believe me, you can do everything by yourself from installing this plugin to creating all necessary forms and editing them as you need, and most importantly you don’t need to hire any expensive IT developer. 

I forgot to mention that you can get this plugin totally for free, or you can upgrade to a paid Pro version. The Pro version will definitely be more powerful and you will be able to access and use many more tools. I would like to mention that they are having a special offer for nonprofit organizations where nonprofits get a Pro version with a special nonprofit discount of 75% off the regular price. It is a really generous discount, so hurry up, don’t miss it.

WPForms plugin. Is it worth it?

I will not mention all the benefits of this plugin, as they are too many, but I’ll just mention some that can replace other plugins you most probably use already on your websites, such as contact, payment, survey, newsletter, registration and other forms. Yes-yes, you read it well, you can create all of these forms and much more just by using this plugin. WPForms is 100% responsive, which means regardless of which device your reader uses to surf your website, it will work perfectly well on all types of screens and devices.

More than three million professionals who built their websites using this plugin can’t all be wrong. So YES, this plugin is worth having on your website. 

Better to have one powerful plugin than a couple of different plugins that each will solve one problem at a time. Especially you know how sensitive it is to add any additional plugins to your dashboard. To be able to run your website as smoothly as possible and having really fast loading speed, try to have a few plugins installed into your dashboard as possible. I personally prefer to install multitasking plugins, rather than having too many of them.

How to Create Online Donation Forms for Nonprofits

2 thoughts on “How to Create Online Donation Forms for Nonprofits

  • at 9:50 pm

    Love this! I usually use GoFundMe for donation but I’ll definitely check WPForms out.

    • at 2:27 am

      You will like it. It’s easy and simple to use.


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