A cat was caught in a hunter’s net. A mouse, who lived in a nearby hole, saw the cat in the net, and started playing around.

Interesting wise story about friendship

Shortly after that, a mongoose came there and wanted to kill the mouse. He lifted his head and saw an owl sitting on a tree and waiting for a chance to catch him. The mongoose went near the cat’s net to hide from the owl. The mouse thought: “when the hunter takes away the cat, the mongoose will not spare me and the owl will enjoy both of us.” 


The mouse went to the cat and said: “I can cut the net and set you free if you promise to save my life from the mongoose and the owl.” The cat agreed. The mouse started cutting the net slowly and freed the cat before the hunter came. The cat ran away, and so did the mongoose. The owl was very disappointed to see even the mouse running away to safety. 


A few days later, the cat, being hungry, went to the hole of the mouse and asked him to come out for a game. The mouse replied: “I only sought friendship and saved you to save my life. Now you can go home”.


MORAL: Don’t nurture friendship with selfish people.


Selfish Friendship.
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