Many people want to make money online. I will not sell you some business ideas in this post, nor will I sell you some super easy formula which will bring you billions of dollars per month, but I will share with you a great tool which you can use to collect payments from your readers. 


Think about what information you know that might be useful for others, package it and sell it. Everyone’s an expert in some field. Think where your expertise is. Maybe you know how to garden well, or you know some tips on how to read more books per month, or anything you know better than most people. 


If you have your WordPress website you probably want to make some money out of it. But where to start? It is quite easy. Which topics do you write in your WordPress website/blog? Create some content that people are ready to buy, some valuable information you know. I suggest checking similar websites and getting some ideas and inspiration from them. Check what they sell and think if you can create some similar products. 


Package it in some ebook, to-do list, chit shit, course or anything you want. Create a landing page for your product, set a price, advertise in your social media channels or/and run ads and be ready to sell. I suggest you pay more attention to the quality of your product and make it really useful and very valuable. When your product is ready, make sure to spread the word about it everywhere you can using free and paid ways if you wish. Marketing is a very important part of a successful selling campaign, make sure to take it seriously. And the last very important thing is how to organize all of it in one system and receive payments. I will help you with it and you will learn more about how to accept payments.

To make it easy, I suggest using payment forms in WordPress to accept credit cards directly from your website. It is a trustworthy payment system that handles the submissions of billions of transactions on behalf of over 430 000 merchant customers, almost half million customers. 


What do you need to implement it? You need to install the WPForms plugin and add their integration It is a very simple setup, you can accept major card payments online, you can accept payments from any gadget your reader uses (phone, tablet or computer), set one time or recurring payments and much more great features you will find after using it. 


To make the process of accepting payments super easy WPForms created a payment form with which you can accept online orders or donations on your website in just a few clicks. To use it, you need to turn on the addon to collect payments, choose the tab while editing a form. After connecting your account, you will have  enabled form that is ready to collect payments from your customers for you. If you still need some help with setting it up, you can check this detailed tutorial – How to install the addon with WPForms.


If you have more questions, feel free to ask me in the comments, I will try to help you as much as possible.

The Best Way to Accept Payments Online.

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