The science of Getting rich
The science of Getting rich

This is the most unusual book I have ever read. I’m not talking about the text, I’m talking about the structure. The book is not so big (my copy is 197 pages), so I thought it would not take so much time to read. However, I could not imagine that I will be reading the same idea twice, but in a bit different words. The case is that the first part of the book is revised and updated for today’s readers, whereas the second part is the original text written by the author in 1910. It’s a brilliant idea to divide a book into two parts. First of all, it was really interesting to read some old English language and original text, which brings the reader in time a hundred years ago. You feel how time influences on the language, and how language changed over the last century. Some terms are not so popular nowadays, and some are not used anymore.

The updated version is much more organized and eventually much easier to read. I mean you receive the material more naturally, even if it is more or less the same text, but in a bit different text style.

Generally, as I mentioned before, this book is not so large, approximately 100 pages for each version. It contains 17 small chapters, each chapter has some information and has a moral and summary in the end, which helps to clarify the idea that the author wants to give you, and helps you to memorize better. The main idea of this book is that anybody can become rich. You don’t need to be special or to have special talents. If you follow the author’s recommendations, you can achieve anything you want. You just need to follow certain rules of the Universe, and the Law of Attraction will help you to become rich. You don’t need to change your profession to become rich. You can achieve it with any profession regardless of the level you are now. Everything depends on of you, of your thoughts.

The most important rules discussed in this book are: control your thoughts, they are powerful; belief in your thoughts and your dreams; take some action and receive what you want; be grateful, not just for achieving your dreams, but for everything you have in life.

The first time I heard about this book “Science of getting rich” was from Rhonda Byrne in her book “The Secret”. She strongly recommended reading it. She was so impressed by it, she was even inspired by this book. Reading both books, you feel they have a lot in common. Same idea and same principles.

I like this type of books, they give motivation, inspiration, and knowledge. It’s up to you how to implement them in your life. If you like reading this type of literature, this book is worth the time you spend on it.


“The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles / Edited by Ruth L. Miller (Including the original text)
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