Albert Einstein was a trully great philosopher. He is well known for his influence on the philosophy of science. He died a bit over 60 years ago, but almost all of his quotes are still so actual and alive nowadays in our modern life. Let’s learn from one of the smartest people of that time. Enjoy reading it! Share your favorite quote with your friends!


10 top inspirational and motivational quotes of Albert Einstein



Albert Einstein

You shouldn’t have any special talents to be successful. Of course, it is good to have talents, but it is not necessary. Work hard, be professional in your field and believe me you will be successful. Talk less, work more and you will develop all necessary skill to become who you want to be. Enjoy your life!



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It is ok to make mistakes, but the most important is to learn from your mistakes. It is impossible to improve without mistakes. Try to take in consideration other people’s experience and mistakes if possible. A well-known fact is that your own mistakes teach you better than somebody else’s mistakes. Enjoy your life! Be happy!

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Use the experience you got yesterday to create a happy future! Enjoy your life! Be happy! Spend your time wisely.

Use the experience you got yesterday to create a happy future! Enjoy your life! Be happy! Spend your time wisely.


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Be strong, be intelligent! Sometimes it is better just to ignore, and remove that person from your life. Be happy in life!

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Usually, the most important things in life that count can’t be physically counted, like love, health, faith, trust and so on. I wish you have more good and positive things in life that count!



Everybody does mistakes! And it is normal. Mistakes are a part of learning process. The difference is you should learn from your mistakes. Be smart! Be wise!



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You are unique, you are talented, you just need to reveal your talent to the world! Everyone has some talent, something they do better than others. If you want to be successful in life, try to use and develop your talents. Please think what your talent is? What do you do better than others? Please share with me in the comments below what you are most talented in 🙂

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Albert Einstein quote

Albert Einstein is very well known for his influence on the philosophy of science. He died in 1955, over 60 years ago, and he kind of predicted that our technology will go much further than anybody could imagine. Nowadays, our society is facing another problem – people are overusing technology, forgetting about the real world and the beauty of our nature and people’s feelings. Everything is online: friendship, relationship, work, travels and much more. Use technology in a smart way. Enjoy your real life. Be happy!


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Be creative, be smart! Every day is a new opportunity to start differently and to have different results. I wish you to find different solutions to your problems and implement the best! Be happy! Enjoy your life!


10 top motivaional and inspirational quotes of Albert Einstein


Albert Einstein quote

Surround yourself with positive and great people! Remember, you’re the average of the 5 people with whom you spend most of your time. Spend it with people who motivate you, inspire you, support you, people who take you up in your life. Be a good friend! Have great friends!


Top 10 quotes of Albert Einstein!

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