Wise story about trying to achieve your dreams

A guy was walking by a circus when he noticed two huge elephants standing still. The elephants were not kept in a cage or tied by chains to hold them back, but each of them had one rope tied to one leg. 
The guy was so surprised that the elephants could easily break the rope and walk away, but the elephants were not even trying. 
The guy saw a trainer nearby, so he asked him: “Why these elephants don’t even try to escape?” The trainer replied: “When these two elephants were still very young, we tied them with the same rope, and that time they were still too weak to break it. As they grew up, they still thought they can’t break the rope, and now they never even try to break it”

Friends, never assume that something is impossible to do just because you couldn’t do it in the past.


The two elephants and the rope!
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