Two angels were traveling on Earth one day. One of them was young, and the other one was old. In the evening, they asked one rich man if he could allow them to stay at his house overnight as they were too tired to continue their journey. The rich man was so greedy, cheap and rude, and he just let them sleep in the barn, even though he had a big house and a vacant bedroom. 

The barn was very dark, cold and humid. The young angel could not fall asleep, even though he was very tired. When he finally fell asleep, some noise again woke him up. He found the old angel working on blocking some hole in the wall of the barn. The young angel was very surprised and he asked the old angel a couple of times just to go to sleep to get rest before the rest of their journey in the next morning, but the old angel was refusing every time. 

In the morning, the young angel asked the old angel: “Why did you do good to this man and repaired the hole in his wall inside his barn, even though he wasn’t so nice with us?”


“Sometimes things can be different than how you see them”, answered the old angel.


The two angels were searching for a place to sleep next evening and they found a small poor house. They knocked on the door and a poor man opened the door and he was very happy to help them. He even offered them to sleep in his bed, which was the only bed in the small house, and he went with his wife to sleep in the barn. In the morning, the two angels woke up when they heard the screaming of the poor man and the crying of his wife. The reason was because they found their cow dead when they woke up, and that cow was the only source of income for the poor family.

The young angel was so surprised and asked the old angel: “Why don’t you help this poor man somehow? Last time you helped that bad man who wasn’t even nice to us”


The old angel again answered: “Sometimes things can be different than how you see them”. 


The young angel was so angry and he was continuously complaining why the old angel didn’t help that family.

“Sometimes things can be different than how you see them”, repeated the old angel for the third time. “When we stayed at the rich man’s barn”, continued the old angel, “there was an old hidden treasure behind the wall of the barn and I was blocking the hole in the wall to hide it so the rude greedy man couldn’t find it because he doesn’t deserve it. As for last night, the angel of death came to take the wife of the poor man, but I asked him to leave her alone and take the cow instead. 


Friends, don’t make assumptions and don’t judge. Things can sometimes be different than they look. 


The two traveling angels!
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