Father and sun
A 12 years old boy used to take the train every weekend with his father to go visit his grandparents. 
One weekend, the boy told his father: “Dad, I’m ready to take the train just by myself to go visit my grandparents. We’ve taken the same train every week for so long. I’m ready to go alone now”

The father replied: “Ok son, go by yourself this time. But here’s an envelope. Keep it with you, and if you ever feel confused or lonely or scared during this trip, just open it and read the paper inside, and it will help you”

The boy put the envelope in his back bag and took the train. Half way through his journey, he started feeling worried and scared, and he remembered about the envelope so he opened it to find a letter that says: “Don’t worry son, I’m on the same train in the next wagon”

Friends, start your journey to success, and don’t forget that your loved ones will always be there for you to support you.


Wise story – The journey!
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