Beautiful bird


A little bird was flying during a cold snow storm. It was so cold that the bird couldn’t fly anymore and fell down and landed near some barn. While lying down helpless on the ground, a cow came by and dropped a big poop on him. The poop was so warm that the little freezing bird started warming up and feeling better. The bird was so happy to feel warm that he started to sing. A cat heard the bird singing, so he followed the voice until he found the bird, so he dug him out of the poop and ate him. 

Morals of the story: 

Not everybody who shits on you is your enemy. 

Not everybody who digs you out of the shit is your friend. 

When you’re in deep shit, keep quiet. 


Wise story – The little bird in the poop!
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2 thoughts on “Wise story – The little bird in the poop!

  • at 7:17 am

    Although upon reflection, what I take away from the story is;
    Always find a way to prepare for what is inevitably coming.
    Not everyone who shits on you did it on purpose.
    When you find somewhere cozy and comfortable, don’t make too much fuzz about it, or surely someone will come by, and try to ruin it all for you.


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