A woman used to carry water every day from a fountain to home using two pails. But one of the water pails had a crack and used to drip water, so every time she gets home with one full water pail, and the second cracked pail half full.

One day, her little son asked her: “Mom, why don’t you get a new pail instead if this old cracked one, so you can get back home every day with two full pails?”. So she replies: “Son, have you noticed that there are flowers along one side of the path between home and the fountain? I know about the leak in the cracked pail so I planted flower seeds on one side of the path, and I daily carry the cracked pail at that side of the path on my way home to water them. And every day, I pick some of these beautiful flowers to decorate our dining table. Without the cracked pail, you wouldn’t enjoy this beauty inside our house every day”.

Woman and beautiful flowers!
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