It is true. You are able to achieve anything you want in your life. It is so easy to say it, but how to do it? I’m sure everybody’s wondering how. Don’t worry, you will know everything you need to know to make it work for you. You can find tons of information about your inner-power. I’m ready to support you until you reach your goal. You can find a lot of different techniques on how to achieve anything you want, or even to change your entire life. I’m just transferring to you checked information which really works.


* 1. Feed your brain with the right information on a daily basis.

Every day, make a habit to read for at least 30 minutes, preferably about an hour, not just any book, read just some motivating literature. If you already have this habit, that’s great, and if not, try to create it. Invest your free time in nourishing your mind and soul. You can feed your mind with the right information through reading, attending lectures, seminars, listening to audiobooks, having a coach or plenty of other manners depending on what could be more convenient for you. What does it mean “right” information?

We daily receive a lot of different information. We like different stuff and all of us have different hobbies and interests. But not all that information which we receive is good for us and can have a good impact and influence to our future. Some of them can just be a waste of time, some can be just interesting to read, see, listen, because it is related to our interests.

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Nowadays, if you listen to the news, you can notice that most of it will be some very negative news about some attacks, wars, conflicts, problems. Try to skip it if possible, and don’t take it so much in your heart. You should find and concentrate on that type of information which motivates you, makes you think positive, stay optimistic, the type that doesn’t let you fall totally into the routine life. I have the habit to read this type of information as much as possible through books, different articles etc. This habit is your nonmaterial investment into your future life. I can’t tell you what exactly you will achieve thanks to this information, but I can tell you for sure that you will be able to achieve much more with reading than without doing it. With every page your dream will become a bit closer to you.

You should daily consume food to have enough energy to perform your duties. The same as your body needs nutrition every day, your brain needs it too. The type of food is just different, not physical, you can’t touch it, but you can feel it, it nourishes your mind.


* 2. Clarify what exactly you want to change.

You should take a piece of paper and write down how you wish your dream life to be – your life when you have achieved what you would like. You should write down all details, everything you’re able to imagine, write it down and feel it. This is a very important thing, I would even call it ritual, to write down on a piece of paper. To be honest with you, it took me really long time to start writing something down on a piece of paper, as recommended in some books. Often, I was skipping it, just thinking and listing it in my mind. This is a big mistake.

Your wish written on the piece of paper has some special power. You push your personal energy towards that wish with a pen and paper and you make it alive. By writing your wish or dream on a piece of paper, the universe starts to work for you in order to bring it to you. As long as it is in your mind, it will stay in your dreams, but when you put it on a paper, then this becomes the first step for achieving it. When you think, you visualize something. However, when you take action, you receive it.

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* 3. Feel your changes through meditation.

You wrote it and now you should feel it. The best way to feel it is to meditate. There are different types of meditations. Everything that works for you and makes you feel it realistic is good, it is a type of meditation that works the best for you. I couldn’t understand what is it meditation quite a long time. Of course, I saw people meditating, and I was trying to repeat what they were doing, but unfortunately, I couldn’t feel any results. That type of meditation didn’t work for me, but maybe it works for them. 

What type of meditation is possible to use for achieving things, the most effective are that things what helps you to believe in it. For example, praying, thinking about it or imagining as it already happens, achieved. You need to believe that it will happen. It is up to you what helps you the best to achieve it: religion, habits, black cat on the street or something else. Buy some amulet and wear it daily, it can be anything some bracelet if you want, every time when you look on it remember about your dream, remind yourself to think positive about it. Say for yourself, every time when you look at that bracelet you are a bit closer to your dream, Universe gives you a sign that you on the right way and you will have it soon.

You will know which type of meditation works the best personally for you, just listen yourself and your intuition will give you the answer. Find at least 10 minutes to think about your dream, and how that dream will change your life, but you should do it as daily routine.

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4.Believe that you achieved it and feel the result.

Believe in yourself. Believe that all you are dreaming about now you have already achieved. Feel your life with your achievement. For example, you would like to have a dream job. Imagine that you have it already. Think in details how changed your life style, your wardrobe, your habits. Try to imagine and to go throw your regular day at new job. Don’t forget you should feel just a positive vibes and energy.

That happiness which you feel thanks to positive energy attracts to you positive circumstances and your dream become true. It works like theater, you can only see the performance, but you don’t see everything that is happening on the backstage.

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* 5. Achieve your dream.

Receive it. If you clarified what exactly you want, you wrote it into the Universe plans, you were thinking, meditating about it with strongly believe that you will have it – you did a good job and you will receive a great price. It is not possible to have it immediately. You need to have some tolerance and give some time for the Universe to arrange it to you.

Scientists proved habit takes 40 days, so to make something your habit you should repeat it during at least 40 days. If you want to achieve something, you should give for the Universe at least 40 days’ time, until you strongly believe in it and you will have enough energy to attract it into your life. Of course, it can happen much earlier or later, everything depends on you and your faith. Everything you want is available for you. All your dreams are achievable for you.


Remember, everything you do according to your dream you should do in a good mood, totally relaxed, calm. If you feel some anger, irritation, hurry, better become calm first after start all your magic processes. In another way, you will not have any result. To have a positive result, you should have positive energy. The best way it works for me when I am alone at home. I enjoy reading interesting books, or talking with a good friend, when I received some positive vibes I can start working and creating my future.

Every day we wake up with a certain amount of energy, it is up to you where you will spend it. You can choose to waste it for some not so important things, such as talking for hours empty talks with friends, gossiping, arguing, feeling trouble or for creating your positive future. What includes reading right information, meditating, doing that things which bring you more energy and brings your dreams closer to you.

Don’t forget your wish should be realistic. To feel it closer to you, you can set some appropriate time to achieve your goal, for example, one month or half year. But the main key is to believe in it and to have faith all the time. Of course, there will be some days when you feel discouragement, in these days you should receive some motivated information throw books, coach or some other sources, which will help you to keep the faith.

If you would like to achieve bigger income next year, don’t put more than extra 20%. Of course, it is possible that you can make it much better than plus 20% for existing income, but imagine if it will not happen. What after? Your disappointment will be much worst and it will be much harder for you to start believing in the law of attraction again. The universe can double, triple it, but you should believe in it. The problem is in your faith. It is hard for you to believe it and feel it yours.

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I wish you to achieve anything you want soon and easy. I hope you will have a lot of fun doing it and a lot of happiness receiving it. Remember, you are the magnet and you can attract anything you want into your life. God will help you to have it, he wants you to be happy and reach. Don’t forget to say thank you after receiving it. Feel gratitude after all positive changes and sings in your life. If you see the world from a positive side, it will be positive and friendly to you. Good luck.

Enjoy it,


How to achieve anything you want! 5 steps to your successful life.
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11 thoughts on “How to achieve anything you want! 5 steps to your successful life.

  • at 11:19 am

    Excellent post! The importance of writing down your goal on a piece of paper is often overlooked. You have a high chance of reaching your goal when its written down then just an idea in your head.

    • at 6:32 pm

      You are so right Gary! Thank you!

  • at 11:46 am

    Great article ,.. especially about feeding your brain,.. I personally think it’s the most important thing everyone should be doing. Our mind is the center of our universe ,.it s what connects us to everything. With it we create everything. Everything comes from or through the mind . Whatever you want to become just feed your mind with it. Thanks again for writing such a great piece .

    • at 5:56 am

      Hi, Richard! I totally agree with you! I am very glad you liked our article! Feel free to read more of our articles and wise stories! Have a great day!

  • at 2:27 pm

    Thank you for this. I had a very meh day yesterday and was feeling down. This really helps me realize the power we have within ourselves. Time to go crack open my Bible 🙂

    • at 3:13 am

      I am very glad that you liked it! Enjoy reading more of our articles!


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